Portraits with a Beauty Dish

A usual response from my son when I ask if I can take some pictures of him goes like this:

"I Don't like pictures"
"I'm too tired!"
"I'm watching the tv"
"I'm too hungry to take pictures"

etc etc....

However, I recently got lucky! I must have caught him off guard when asking and he actually said "OK Daddy". YES!.
I wasted no time in getting the light and beauty dish set up! (The Beauty Dish is by far my favourite modifier)

The Silver Beauty Dish is certainly my go to modifier for studio and location shoot. The light it projects is just awesome.  The vignette it creates I love, the light seems to wrap around the subject beautifully.  

I'm not sure when I'll next get an opportunity to shoot our son again like this, but I certainly enjoyed it and love the results (He loves them too!)