Finding your style in Photography

"What is your style" ? 

This is a question I have seen asked a lot of times and equally I have seen a lot of different answers to that question. A question I still ask myself quite often!

Some describe how the way you shoot and edit your work defines your style...
Having continuity in your workflow will certainly help define your work from a large crowd of others, no doubt about it. But does this alone define you?

My opinion will be different to many others I'm sure but I really believe there is more than just the way you shoot and edit to make it you. 

One of my biggest inspirations is a US photographer, Ryan Muirhead.... I don't know of his editing process but when I come across one of his images on instagram or similar, I recognize it immediately. Not because his name is above the image before you say it, but because his personality shows in them. 
The same could be said if you saw David Baileys images. Instantly recognizable!

I'm not here saying the editing etc doesn't matter because it most certainly does. But if you can project your personality into your pictures then in time your style will become clear.

How do you put your personality in to your work?...... Easy! shoot what you love and shoot what you love the way you see it. We all have different eyes and different minds, not one of us are the same. 

Me?.... My style? No idea. I know what I love shooting, so time will tell my story.

One day I hope my style will be recognized in the chaos of pictures that are put out every day! Its a big hope but we have to push ourselves to achieve our dreams!

I hope this hasn't been to much of a boring read but it has been on my mind and needed to be put out. 
You may well read this and think WTF? yup it may well be but its food for thought. What do you think defines you and your style? 

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Also I've been told by a few friends I should start a Youtube channel? I'm not so sure so again what do you think?

Cheers and Adiós!