Street Photography in New Places

Hey guys!

I wanted to write this post on why I think travelling for street photography is a good thing to do. Last weekend I headed up to Henley-On-Thames to shoot some street photography with a friend.

It was my first time visiting and Henley, and a great visit it was! By chance the sun came out and made the day all the better. Henley is a beautiful little town, has a great deal of History and was a lovely place to shoot.

When I go to a new place to shoot, I always find a huge amount of inspiration from the new surroundings… I shoot in Windsor frequently and after a while, it gets boring and I more often or not feel uninspired to raise my camera. That’s not to say there aren’t interesting things to shoot, but having the inspiration and want to shoot really plays a part.

New places open your eyes to new pictures, scenes and people…. Mind goes in to overdrive and the camera is clicking the whole time there.

If you have the chance to travel to a new City, Town or village… Do it! You might see how a new location inspires you to shoot more!