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Usually when a shoot is arranged, there is planning involved. Discussions on location, styling and make up.... that never seems to happen when I shoot, they always seem to be pretty last minute with very little discussion about styling or make up.
Being as laid back as I am, I actually prefer to go with the flow and make it work rather than a very regimented plan for the shoot, things don't seem to flow or be natural.

That was pretty much the order of the day with our shoot in Brighton. We organised it two days before and the discussion of styling was pretty much along the lines of... "a natural look"...  not a lot more than that at all. I've worked with Michaela on a few shoots and I know that she knows what she's doing, she nails it every time!

Michaela & Lucy

Michaela & Lucy

On the drive to pick Michaela & Lucy up, the weather was dark, cloudy and to be frank, it looked shit!... It looked like we were going to be rained off. 

I should have known better that after that small heatwave we were in for a storm.

However on the way down we all said it will be fine when we get there...  low and behold when we parked up, the sun came out and it was perfect... the wind was pretty strong but that added drama to the shoot... we couldn't have been luckier! 


Both of the models were amazing. Michaela I knew would be incredible as always but I'd never worked with Lucy before but I had nothing to worry about... She was amazing too.  



The girls both came prepared with different change of clothes which varied our shots nicely. The last minute shoot with no real planning became another fantastic shoot and day out.

One of the things I love most about shooting on location, is that there is always the element of unpredictability, unforeseen challenges. On this occasion and due to the location, the wind was proving to be both friend and foe. Being under the pier the waves were crashing and the wind was catching the water and spraying us all... Thankfully my camera is weather sealed but it did mean cleaning the lens every 2 minutes. On the plus side the strong winds added drama with hair blowing in every which way possible.

When on location shooting people usually leave you be.... Sometimes, like this shoot it can draw a little crowd. And on this particular occasion, Brighton being a tourist spot, there were literally school kids everywhere. I've no problem with that until they started to throw rocks into the sea..... right over our heads! You should have seen their little faces when their teacher screamed at them... It was pretty funny!

All in all the shoot was perfect really. We expected rain and miserable conditions but we were gifted with the perfect conditions and we all pulled of a great set of images 

I will leave you with a few more from the day and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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