New Project, First Book

Hey guys, 

While I have a few project idea's that I really want to get started, there are none that I am more eager to start than this one... Photographing the people who have influenced me the most, those who inspire me to create and do better.

It has been on the back burner for quite some time, years in fact because in all honesty, I thought it was impossible.
Some of the people I wish to create a portrait of are A-List movie stars, some are current Sportsmen that travel the world and more. Its not going to be easy but the Universe has a way of working things out and I'm certain it will for me.

My Dad is without question the biggest influence in my life. Obvious it may seem but there is no man like him. He raised me to be the man I am today, although a lot different he is the father I want to be to our two little people.

As this project progresses through its stages I will continue to blog about it and post on my other social media channels, so do give a follow and keep an eye out. It's going to be awesome!