Location Fashion Photography

Autumn Fashion Shoot

In November with a mixed bag of weather, I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Michaela again!

Our shoot was arranged with a weeks notice and was somewhat a little unplanned. We knew we wanted to do an Autumn inspired fashion shoot but exact details.... well there wasn't any!... Never the less the shoot was great fun!

We started the shoot with some pretty casual portraits and later Michaela changed outfit to something that I imagine seeing on a magazine cover.

Autumn is my most favourite time of the year to be shooting on location. The colours of the tree's and leaves are so damn nice! Really make images pop that bit more with colour....  With me being me though I still lean more to the black and white images!

I love shooting on location, it gives a sense of place and context for a shoot. Of course location shoots present their problems too... 1st being the beautiful British weather.....   Rain!..... This shoot was a little hit and miss. We had breaks of a little sun, lots of overcast clouds and drizzle. 
Its all apart of a location shoot though... You either cancel and hope for a better day next time or just go with the flow and play those cards that are dealt. As long as the rain is not torrential then I'm happy to crack on with the shoot and create some awesome images. 

Sunny days can be a problem too... If you want to use flash then you need to use High Speed Sync to crush the ambient light.
Overcast days can be miserable, but again with flash you can create magic.... images full of drama!

Location shoots rock!

Its always great to shoot with Michaela. Being a Stylist and designer she's full of idea's for the shoot prior and on set/location. Working with her makes the shoot easy and a good laugh!

Look forward to the next!