'Home' .... What is home to you? To me, home is everything I know... It's my family, it's the place I look forward to returning every day... It's the place where we are safe...  It is a place of happiness, joy and laughter... It's also a place of sadness, anger and tears. 

All of these things.... make my 'Home'


This project is a documentation of life at home. It has been an on going project for the last few years and I fear it will never end. I have been wondering for sometime when to stop and publish as a book. I often wonder if anyone in the world would be interested in my home... Why would they be?.... Regardless of what others may think, this project is very personal to me, for that I'm very passionate about it too.

Not a day goes by where a picture has not been captured of something happening at home... Here are a selection of moments of our home.