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What inspires you?.. Is it a person?.. A company?.. A place in the world?

Perranporth, Cornwall - 2017

Perranporth, Cornwall - 2017

Me and my family recently went for a weeks holiday camping in Cornwall, just outside a beautiful town; Perranporth.
The weather was.... Well it was as shit as the British Summer can be expected to be!... We were however blessed with a few evenings of clear skies and amazing light.

It was on Perranporth Beach that I was overwhelmed with inspiration and subjects to shoot! The beach itself is beautiful! The surrounding scenery towards Holywell and cliffs towards St Agnes are stunning.
One evening the weather forecast was clear skies and immediately I suggested we go in to Perranporth, have dinner and a walk on the beach. This suggestion was bang on!... It was a fantastic evening and I don't think I will ever forget it... Seriously will never forget it... It was that good!


On the beach there is a bar/grill called the Watering Hole. On this night by chance they happened to be having a live music gig on the beach and the vibe of everyone around... The surfers... The dog walkers... The families... The party goers was incredible... The wind was still pretty strong and a chill in the air but everyone was in such high spirits! It was amazing!

As soon as we hit the beach I was shooting... I didn't really have a particular subject, rather I just wanted to document the evening and everyone enjoying their time on the sand... This was and is the start of a new project - 'Sand between your toes'.

It will be a project that will take some time I'm sure, and will see me visit a fair few beaches to capture what draws people to the sand... 


I can't articulate how I felt but it was border line spiritual...  That even to me sounds bullshit! But I can't express the inspiration I felt... I was walking around shooting with a huge smile on my face and did not want to leave... I could have happily shot in to the night!

The next time you feel the kind of inspiration that is so overwhelming... Get your camera out and shoot! Shoot more and enjoy the experience you have... I know I did and it has made an imprint on my mind!

I hope you may find some inspiration from this!