photography composition

Photography Composition

I’ve been giving this some thought of late and thought I’d share a few thoughts with you all. Do bare in mind this relates more to my style of street/documentary photography.


The Rule of Thirds

Now the rule of thirds I use very instinctively. I don’t have to think.. “I must have the subject on a third line!” …It just happens without thinking.

Pictures do look far more appealing when a frame is structured in such a way, so the rule of thirds makes sense.


The rule of thirds and golden ratio etc aren’t rules… They are guidelines to help create a better image, but what or who is to say a picture not following these guides aren’t good?

To show what I mean, I’m sharing some images I have taken from my Home project, to demonstrate how not using the rule of thirds etc, can still produce some nice pictures.

The set of images above I tried to not use the third lines.. I tried to put the subject in the corners… Now you might not like it but I believe that you should shoot what, and how you want.

Don’t get too hung up on the “Rules” all of the time… They are a great help yes, but play around and have fun with shooting!