Fashion Shoot for Michaela Frankova

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting some clothing for Michaela Frankova

We had planned for the shoot to be shot on location around Kensington, London. With all location shoots at this time of year; you can be at the mercy of the weather... Thankfully the weather held out allowing us to get what we needed.

I've worked with both models before on a couple of occasions so we were all familiar with how we work and operate.



Kensington is a great place to shoot, especially when the clothing/style of shoot was as it was on this day.

The roads and architecture are very picturesque, paired with the elegant clothing from Michaela Frankova, modeled by Michaela... It was perfect.



Shooting on location as I have said before are exactly how I like my shoots to be... As I said earlier it leaves you very vunerable to shoots being cancelled but when it all comes together its awesome!



If you would like to see more of Michaela's clothing range, you can check out her website or social media channels below:



Let me know what you think!